Frequently Asked questions

How much will I get from one grow?

Since we customize your grow, each garden is different and there are many variables involved with indoor gardening. Our State allows up to 4 plants therefore our services only allow up to the legal limit. Most of our customers are more than happy with 2 plants which historically can yield up to 12-16 ounces when grown under ideal indoor conditions.

How Long Does It Take?

Since your garden is customized, this too can vary. We specialize in both Autoflowering and Full Photo Cannabis gardens. In short, anywhere from 9-16 weeks!

Do I have to buy anything?

NO! We bring everything to you. Set up and breakdown will be done by our team. We raise your plant from seed and take it all the way to harvest where we then process and cure your medicine for delivery. All we need is access private space in your home. Our gardens are indoors, discreet and most of all SAFE.