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COVID-19 UPDATE: We prioritize the health & safety of our customers. In order to stop the spread of COVID-19, N95 Respirators & PPE will always be worn when cultivating your indoor Garden.

Manifest Home Cultivation is one of the first of its kind in our State

Are you ready to experience home cultivation? Manifest Home Cultivation offers an all inclusive, hands off, Cannabis Cultivation experience. We come in to your home, bring all of our equipment and cultivate a 1-4 plant garden of your dreams. Our services are discreet and personable to your needs. We offer a complete seed to harvest experience, delivering some of the finest results around. Check out our portfolio and see for yourself! Contact us for free consultation today!

Discrete Personal Indoor Home Cultivation Services, Our Services are All Inclusive.. we take care of all the work!

Book a Consultation to get on our growing wait list. Together we select the genetics for your garden & create your grow plan.


We Bring our Equipment into your home. Set up and begin Cultivation.
Your indoor garden is maintained daily. You don't lift a finger.

After a few weeks your medicine is harvested, processed and cured... yes all within the safety and privacy of your home!

*You must be 21 or older to Use our Services*

Manifest Home Cultivation Services Experience

1 to 4 Plant Indoor Garden Options

Choose how big you want your garden to be within the legal limits of our state. We can assist in evaluating your personal grow space for the most efficient and successful experience.

Experienced Cannabis Cultivators

Your Garden will be gently maintained by an experienced indoor cultivator.

Safe Private and Rewarding

Growing Cannabis can be intimidating. The Safety and privacy of your home & garden is our #1 priority. We want our customers to experience the rewards of organically grown cannabis. Not only is home grown Cannabis safer, it comes with the freedom of no longer supporting the black market which has been the only option for many for too long.

An All Inclusive Experience

We come with experience growing for the elderly, disabled and more. We understand that some of our clients may not have the time or physical ability to properly cultivate on their own. Thats why all equipment and labor is included with our services. Sit back and watch your indoor garden flourish over the weeks as we cultivate your medicine with love.

Affordable Pricing and Payment Options

We want in home cultivation affordable for all. Ask about our payment plans and discounts!

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How it Works

   The Consultation

Lets Talk! Together we create your grow plan and decide on a garden that meets your needs.

The Grow

Once Cultivation begins your plants are monitored and maintained around your personal schedule.

The Harvest 

The most exciting time in all of agriculture. We Trim, Dry and Cure your harvest leaving all cultivated material behind for your use.

The Take Down

All Cultivation equipment is removed from your home and grow space.

The Results

A successful harvest that can sustain your needs for up to an entire calendar year of consumption depending on your needs. Quality Organically grown medicine that can help you save money and keep you free from turning to black market resources.

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